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I was told by another computer repair man that my email data was totally lost and I had made serious wrong entries that couldn’t be fixed. In about 30 minutes, Jim found and fixed my problem and retrieved all my stored emails which I considered lost forever.

Posted by: Lee Roen –  Tuscany Bay

Date of Posting: November 26, 2018

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From The Palm Beach Post 5/19/2015

Boynton burglary victim: ‘I feel there’s still good people in the world’

4:13 p.m. Monday, May 18, 2015 | Filed in: Southern PBC

BOYNTON BEACH — When Margaret Reynolds woke up May 1, her bedroom door was closed, which was odd since she never closes it.

Then she noticed her television missing from her living room, according to a police report, and her computer, keyboard and monitor missing, too. Even the money in her wallet was gone.

Boynton Beach Police responded and determined the burglar got into the house through the rear sliding-glass door.

The crime has left Reynolds, 93, shook up to this day. But support from the community has made the situation a little better.

“I feel there’s still good people in the world, you know?” Reynolds told The Palm Beach Post this past week.

Boynton burglary victim: ‘I feel there’s still good people in the world’ photo

And it’s not only Reynolds who came out of this situation feeling like that. Boynton Beach Police officer Gregg Koch was the first responding officer called to Reynolds’ home after she called 911.

“She’s a sweetheart of a woman,” Koch said.

Koch and Reynolds got to talking and he decided to continue checking in on her.

Boynton burglary victim: ‘I feel there’s still good people in the world’ photo

The next morning, Koch offered to get her groceries, but Reynolds said she already had enough food. But she missed her television and asked Koch where she could get a new one. The officer shopped around, helping her get the television at BJ’s.

“She was ecstatic because it was 1 inch bigger,” Koch said.

Reynolds described Koch as an “unbelievable and caring” person.

The next project was a computer. Koch said he couldn’t help with that because he wasn’t knowledgeable in that area. So the department’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Slater, turned to a familiar outlet to get some help: social media.

“We have more than 18,000 people who like our Facebook page and more than 10,000 Twitter followers. We’ve reached out to them for assistance in the past … when a contractor scammed an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars, tore out her kitchen and never finished the work,” Slater said in an email. “It worked then, so I thought it was worth a try again this time.”

Slater posted a picture on Facebook of Koch and Reynolds sitting on her couch and explained the situation. The post received 982 likes and it was shared 456 times. She said she heard from more than a dozen people who wanted to help in some way. Jim Calfee was one of them.

Calfee, who owns Computing Solutions in Boca Raton, emailed Slater, and handed over a new Dell computer and monitor.

“I had one laying around and it just seemed like the right thing to do,” Calfee said.

Koch continues to check in on Reynolds and says he’s seen a positive difference in her since the burglary happened. He’s spoken so much about Reynolds at the dinner table, he said, that his children want her to come over.

The officer said the community’s response has sparked his interest in social media. But more important, “It’s restored her faith, and it’s restored my faith in the position, and why we are out here and why I do what I do.”

Alexandra Seltzer

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Date of Posting: May 19, 2015

Jim came right on time just as he said, picked up my computer, called to tell me how long it would take to fix and how much it would be. He brought it back when done, came right on time , set it all up, answered all my questions, fixed other little problems with my printer and completely satisfied me.
The computer works perfectly and I would recommend him anytime.

Posted by: Marilyn S. –  Coral Lakes

Date of Posting: September 10, 2013

Jim was knowledgeable , helpful and friendly. He had to restore my computer because of a potential problem. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a professional technician to service their computer

Posted by: Sandy S. –  Coral Lakes

Date of Posting: September 3, 2013

Jim has been taking care of my computer problems for several years and has always done his work in a very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and prompt manner. He is honest and helpful beyond his duties as a technician. He even was very helpful when a certain big electronics chain store totally screwed my computer up and I had to call Jim to fix it it. He never criticized the other guys and fixed ALL the problems in a very fair and prompt manner. Thank you Jim!

Posted by: Albert Mondone

Date of Posting: August 19, 2013

Jim setup my windows 8, he made it so easy for me to operate. His quick service was appreciated. I will recommend him to my friends in Coral Lakes.

Posted By: Penny Glass

Date of Posting: August 16, 2013

Thank you Jim For the great and fast service.
You are a man of your word my computer is working fine.
Thank’s again.

Posted By: Al Locher

Date of Posting: February 18, 2013

I have been using Jim’s computer tech services for over 12 years, and have always found him to be fair and honest. His experience and in depth training certainly shows when he tackles the most difficult computer problems. I have recommended him to many of my clients, and they all were impressed with his work.

Posted By: Bill Whetzel

Date of Posting: February 15, 2013

I can’t rave enough about Jim and the work he did for us.  His work was excellent, and he stands behind his work.  Not being computer literate, Jim explained everything to me in terms I can understand.  I would highly recommend him (and in fact I already have) for anyone who needs help with a computer.

Posted By: Micki Schwartz

Date of Posting: February 14, 2013

I am an elderly, non computer wise individual who has had a few problems with my PC. Jim has always been there with help to get me straighten out. He has come to my home and many times over the phone. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone with computer problems. He seems to grasp the situation immediately and have me up and going quickly. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone with a computer.. Thank you again Jim!

Posted by: Ted Engber

Date of Posting: April 3, 2012

Jim Calfee installed a new backup and restore capability  He was quick (saving me money), recommended an excellent solution, and left me much better off. I have 50 years of computer experience. I recommend Mr. Calfee without any reservations.

Posted by: Ted Dunn

Date of Posting: March 28, 2012

Since I am in Washington, DC and my mother is in Lake Worth, I thought that when my mother’s network cameras, which I use for her security, crashed, I would be hard pressed to find someone to help. But after talking to Jim, I was wonderfully mistaken. Jim did an onsite visit and worked his magic. Within an hour everything was up and running. I recommend Computing Solutions for any need! Very reasonably priced and there when you need them. I couldn’t ask for more.

Posted by: Stephen Glasser

Date of Posting: March 12, 2012

Jim has been invaluable to me over the years and has saved me on numerous occasions when my computers have crashed or when other technical matters have arisen leaving me completely at a loss. He is extremely knowledgeable and patiently explains things in an easy to understand way. Fast and professional, I highly recommend Jim and no doubt, I will be using Computing Solutions in the future!

Posted by: Cindy Buky

Date of Posting: December 15, 2011

Jim was recommended to us and we are so grateful for that. He has always been there for us whether setting up a computer or for any computer question we may have. He is courteous and truly professional. We highly recommend Jim and we are sure we will be contacting him in the future.

Posted by: Marie & Carol Tenebruso

Date of Posting: September 17, 2011

Jim is the best. Always there when you need him. Helpful in every way, especially for me who is not a computer whiz. Thanks Jim for all you do for me.

Posted by: Joan Torio

Date of Posting: September 15, 2011

Not only is Jim Calfee an expert, he is patiently informative and unusually prompt in his responsive to calls. I confidently recommend him!

Posted by: Karn Hill

Date of Posting: September 8, 2011

Absolutely marvelous service! Jim took much time to help me and I recommend him to everyone who needs computer assistance.

Posted by: Sonia Feltman

Date of Posting: September 6, 2011

Jim Calfee is easy to work with, shows up as scheduled, displays dedication to the task and does an excellent job. My Dad, Sam, referred me to Jim, and I’m grateful.

Posted by: Gerald Garte

Date of Posting: September 1, 2011

I have been using Jim Calfee, Owner of Computing Solutions since 2005 both at home and with two companies. The work he does is done correctly the first time and he always takes the time necessary to explain everything in detail. I have recommended Jim to many of my clients and they have all liked his expertise and professional attitude. He truly is “Computing Solutions”.

Posted by: Dotti Bever

Date of Posting: August 31, 2011

I first called Jim Calfee when a very computer literate resident from my community told me “I call Jim when I have a problem”. I have since had to call Jim for various needs , from saving my hard drive to cleaning out viruses to setting up a new computer. In all cases the work was completed quickly, professionally and reasonably. I have no qualms recommending Jim to anyone who has a problem with their computer. So far the feedback has only been positive.

Posted By: Joel Stahl, President
Coral Cove Condominium Association.

Date of Posting: August 30, 2011

When my hard drive crashed, it seemed the worst had happened because I had not backed up for months. Jim, from Computing Solutions, was able to pull all my data off the hard drive before completely reformatting the disk. The work was completed quickly and I was surprised to find that everything was back in place when my laptop was returned. I highly recommend Computing Solutions!

Posted By: Jeffrey R. Livergood, P. E.

Date of Posting: July 30, 2011

Rarely do you find a Service Technician in any specialty that is both talented and honest. We have found these qualities in Jim Calfee of Computing Solutions. We have been utilizing his services since 2001 and have moved our offices three times during that period. Jim has set our computer network up on each of these moves. He has helped us out of “Jams” more than once and each time given us superior service at reasonable prices. I would recommend him to anyone, who owns a small business, as ours is, and needs networking and computer repair services.

Posted By: Robert L. Adamson (President) SkatingSafe, Inc

Date of Posting: July 11, 2011

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